Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who Is One Hot Mama?

Maybe you are, if you're reading this. But maybe what you want to know is who the heck is this blogger/store owner chick? Maybe you want to know a little bit more about us before plonking down your hard-earned cash (or credit) on some hot maternity clothes or cool nursingwear. I hear you. Here's all the information about our family you could ever hope to have! (And more, actually!)

Enjoy the You Tube clips of our Bringing Home Baby episode, the only one, so far as I know, to feature naturally birthed, exclusively breastfed, cloth-diapered twins.


Megan said...

Bringing home baby is actually how I got turned on to your site and blog...now I just need a new baby in the tummy to cover up with some OHM clothes!

Roxanne said...

That's awesome -- but you don't have to wait for another pregnancy. My favourite pants (still wearing them after 5 years) are the Perfect Pant by Dress. Yep, a maternity pant, and I'm sure as heck not having any more kids. (Though when I see a little baby, I do melt ...)