Saturday, October 4, 2008

Danger: Maternity Clothes Now Too Hot!!

What? How can there be danger associated with stretchy clothing designed to cover and accentuate a gargantuan beer belly? Where's the harm in dresses cut two inches longer in front? Can you be hurt by a sequinned tankini with ruching on the side?

No, it's worse than that. You could be seduced into ... getting pregnant again! We started One Hot Mama when our first baby was one, and focused on all things nursing. But two years later, when I "fell pregnant" (I love that expression, from my South African friends) with his sister, we added maternity to our offerings. Because we're a family business, I was the main model, so I was photographed in every stage of pregnancy, wearing fabulous clothes. After having a boy and a girl, we thought we were through. But God laughed, and I fell into that pregnancy thing again, this time with twins. This time, a maternity business came in really handy, because I grew out of my maternity clothes by the end of the first trimester!

Now the girls are three and I thought I was done. Body's mostly back, except for my breasts, which have, apparently, fled the country. They've left before, and their (temporary) return was part of the reason my husband was overjoyed that we were having twins. So their lack, coupled with how darned cute the clothes I'm buying for spring (you girls are so lucky to be able to shop at One Hot Mama this year!) have made me, well, a little broody (English friend's expression for wanting babies).

While you're in it, you may be focused on all the negatives, but there really is nothing so miraculous as having a little human inside your body, and to watch that evidence growing. All that plus not having to do ab workouts make me pine for the days when I filled out my Perfect Pants a little better. Yep, those great maternity pants have been with me post-baby, through a twin pregnancy, and are still my go-to black pants. So having a fifth baby would solve all my wardrobe and Itty Bitty Titty Committee problems. Of course, we couldn't afford to stay in our house, so maybe I'll just have to live vicariously through you guys!

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