Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's Up in the World of Hip, Hot Maternity & Nursingwear

LOTS! We have so much stuff coming into the store that it's hard to keep track! Add to that my sewing six costumes for the family, and that should explain why this blog has been a bit subdued of late. But come visit the store and see for yourself what great tops, pants and holiday dresses we have for those who are lactating and gestating.

Coming soon -- late-night Thursday shopping hours for those of you who still have jobs!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pregnant in LA? Wanna Be On TV?

All I can say is that we did a show with these casting directors, who are sweet, and while we had some "what were we thinking" moments, we are always happily surprised to see the show and remember our babies when they were, well, babies. And doing this show means you end up wit some great stuff, I think! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Hip Maternity & Nursingwear Store Has Moved!

Okay, so we're still physically located in Studio City, right above Coldstone Creamery and next door to California Pizza Kitchen (yum!) but we've moved our 11-year-old website to a new host -- Amazon. Makes programming easier for my overworked hubby, but makes checkout and shopping waaaaay easier for you mamas to be and nursing mamas! We've even been able to point you in the direction of our favourite strollers and car seats, breast pumps, nursing pillows, cotton diapers, diaper bags and books. (And when I say "we" I mean me. My husband really doesn't get into the breast pump selection thing. That may be too metro for any dad!) One explantion about the strollers & car seats category -- it's heavy on twin things because, well, our last, most equipment-heavy baby experience was with our girls. Even then, I relied heavily on my slings, and wouldn't have another baby without one. But I really won't have another baby (for those who've lost count; we have four) anytime soon, if ever. :)

Browse around the new One Hot Mama online store, and do tell me if you like or hate the changes. But I really hope you love them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tall? Really Tall? Pregnant? This Chick Can Help

Tall mamas to be can rejoice. I sometimes get desperate calls from girls who love One Hot Mama's clothes, but aren't 5'2" like me (which of course, makes me jealous. Ditto about straight-haired girls). Maternity clothes aren't made in a wide range of sizes because they don't have as large a market as non-pregnant people.

So look what I found for a customer today! Maternity jeans with a 36-37 inch inseam!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Is What It Feels Like to Be Pregnant With Multiples

Ah, memories. :) The story of the hen who gave her life in the heroic feat of laying this egg is here.

Our Los Angeles-Area Maternity Store

So nice to have people notice what we're trying to do, which is to help mamas look their best. Check out this sweet yelp review:
It's hard to find a genuine mom-and-pop establishment in Studio City these days, but this is one of them so I highly recommend them.

Thanks so much! Read the rest by following the link above. And note that we are now only open on Sundays by appointment -- just email or call us by Saturday afternoon and we'll take care of you.