Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Hot Mama Celebrates a Win With a Sale!

Big, good news. One Hot Mama maternity & nursingwear is a real mom-and-pop business. We've been around for 11 years and I took four of those years off to gestate and raise our twin girls. Starting in September 2008, I came back to work and we've been busting our tushies to offer a great selection of hip clothes and accessories -- all for moms and moms-to-be. Our hard work paid off when we were included in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's annual survey of their readers in the category of Best Online Maternity Store.

The results are in and we came in 2nd!!! Which, as Avis can tell you, is a great place to be. :) Two reasons. (1) We really do try harder. And (2) the overall winner was Destination Maternity, which happens to be the website for the Mothers Work conglomerate, owners of Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity & Motherhood. Not too shabby for a boutique that's based on personal service, selection and great value. Thank you for all your support and the votes that you placed for us.

Our gift to you is ... a sale!!

I gotta tell you, I join those of you who find it completely annoying that stores sell out of swimsuits and shorts just when it gets hot, instead putting winter coats in their windows in August. We're such contrarians at One Hot Mama that I still have summer stock arriving daily. Of course, we're in California, where it's 102 well into October! Anyway, shop away, and remember that we're here to help you be One Hot Mama!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coolest Maternity Crop Pants on Sale

I love love love these Dragon Crop pants from Juliet Dream! Not only are they super comfy; they're super cute! (And I remember when designer Limor started her business -- back when my baby was still a baby!)

I just love easy-to-wear stuff -- and I have to tell you that I just got a pair of these, and, after four children, we are done. Baby days are over (sniff, sniff) but when duds are this cute, you just have to bite. And they're on sale -- The Coolest Crops are pictured below, and both are now just $59 -- regular retail was $78!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Baby's Birthdays Are Big For Mamas

Today is my first baby's birthday. I remember the very moment he was born, after a "if you don't push him out right now, we have to have a section you!" command (talk about motivation!). All purple and not breathing for what seemed like minutes (probably only seconds, but long enough for Bob and I to be scared and not breathe ourselves). And tiny, and goopy. But so tiny and really easy to see the still-present existence of a miracle. What a gift.

Now my baby is still surprising me, with his amazing devotion to basketball. His lightning speed and ability to help other kids find their game. His ability to strip a computer game or new piece of electronics and make it work for him, instead of always cursing technology like his old mum. My baby is still sweet, and he is twelve today. He's a good person.

You may just be pregnant, or your baby might be toddling, but try to remember this one thing -- what's important isn't the clothes you wear or the fabulous stroller you sport, but the end result. What kind of person are you trying to give to the world? Dennis Prager had an interesting challenge the other day; he said, ask your child whether they think you want them to most be -- happy or good or successful. The answer, of course, should be good. (ie, Bernie Madoff's parents would not be so proud about his ill-gotten gains. And he was certainly happy in that swank apartment. Good? Not so much.)

Imagine what result you'd like, and work backwards from there. Parent for your result.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Hate People Telling Me to Breastfeed!

? With my first baby, I didn’t nurse because the lactation consultant was so hard-core and pushy about its benefits. I’m pregnant again and hate all those people telling me how good nursing is. What should I do?

A. Look, don’t not nurse because you think women who do are hard-core militants. That’s like not becoming a mother because you hate minivans. (I confess, the dorky-car-factor did make me think twice about getting pregnant. But now my crew of four kids, two of their friends and my hubby can all fit in our Honda Odyssey. Happily.) You’re still you, you’ll just be using your breasts for good. You can have the same friends you used to, see the same movies (only they’ll be on video). But to not breastfeed because of what some breastfeeding supporters say, is, well, not making me think you're mature enough for motherhood, actually.

Here's the real deal -- government-sponsored PSAs and formula-advertising "breast is best" canards aside, the reason you have breasts is to feed your baby. I liken nursing to using my right leg. Yeah, they have all these really cool high-tech prosthetics now, and boy, if you somehow couldn't use or lost your own leg, it would be such a blessing to be able to have a mechanical one -- but what would you say if Bulow Biotech showed up at your local baby fair pitching their amazing artificial limbs? Would you trade a working one for one of their cool models? No shaving required, totally convenient, never have to deal with charley horses again!

Damn skippy you wouldn't. You would certainly praise them to the heavens for all those in need of a new leg, but you would stick with the one God (insert "The Universe" or "Nature" if you prefer) gave you as long as you could. Same with mother's milk. And mother's breasts. I know that it might be hard at first, and that your doctor won't take the time with you to help, and that the first lactation consultant you encounter may have the beside manner of Bill the Cat, but don't let that distract you from the Truth -- you (meaning, 95% of women with intact breasts) have all you need to feed your baby with you right now. For the rare exceptions, or in cases of medical issues or separation or maternal death, there are, thankfully, milk banks and after that, formula.

If you're grown up enough to have a child, you're grown enough to read the information that abounds about all the benefits, nutrients and more that breastmilk surprise. But always remember the One Hot Mama Law of Parenting -- if it's free and readily available with minimal effort on your part, that's that's the way to go. Try it for 6 weeks at no cost; if it's not working for you, return your breasts for the full money-back guarantee!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We're taking the entire weekend off -- the store's closed and I'm trying to stay away from the laptop -- to celebrate the birth of a glorious experiment, the United States of America!

I visited from Jamaica during the Bicentennial, and since then, the land of the Red, White & Blue has become my beloved home. Enjoy the parades, the beach parties and barbeque, the hot dogs and miles of bunting this weekend. And remember that we live in the land of the free because of the brave!

See you next week! If you need a One Hot Mama fix, order online -- if you're in Los Angeles and looking for maternity or nursingwear, and can't wait til Tuesday, order online and hold for pickup in the store on Monday!