Friday, October 10, 2008

Angelina Jolie Is One Hot Mama!

Okay, so I try to stay off the celebrity bandwagon, because I live in LA and, well, it can get a little tedious (not the celebs themselves -- hey, it's a living -- but the constant chatter about their whereabouts). But Angelina has certainly done good for us hot mamas. First she doesn't push her first kiddies around in a stroller, then she looks good pregnant, then she looks good pregnant with twins (hey, she's following in my twin pregnancy footsteps), and now she's on the cover of W nursing one of the twins. (See a great post about her here, followed by some half-assed comments about why women shouldn't nurse in public.)

Why does this matter? Because in today's world, visibility is everything. Just knowing something is possible for someone else makes it more so for you. I planned on nursing my twins, but everyone said that I'd have to supplement, and even though I was pretty sure I understood the biology, meeting one-year old, exclusively breastfed twins in my doctors office buoyed my resolve. When I hauled my nursing babies all over LA, Jamaica, Wyoming, Marta's Vineyard and Lord knows where else I've gone in the past three years, people would often approach to tell me that they didn't know it was possible to nurse multiples. So the more we appear in public (just quietly doing our thing), the more we inspire future mothers. And I think Angelina (& Brad) just may be inspiring future fathers, as well. Run out and buy the issue and send the publishers a love note, to cancel out all the whining. I'm sure Barbara Walters is cancelling her subscription as we speak.

The funny part is, even W doesn't understand what a hot mama is. Check this out, a poll where they actually ask people to vote which Angelina they like better -- the badass babe or the earth mother. Hello? Why not both? Why do people continue to think that a woman who cares to nurse and be attached to her children can only be a crunchy, granola, hippie? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there are La Leche League members who paint their nails. Like me.

Peace out, from your fellow Badass Babe Earth Mother!

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erin said...

I am the oldest of five children and have a breastfeeding mother, grandmother, and also aunts and cousins. I've never once thought about not breastfeeding...let alone not feeding my demand fed child on demand just because we're in public. Some people make me so sad.
Love your store, by the way!