Sunday, May 30, 2010

The birth of fashionable maternity wear

The birth of fashionable maternity wear -

I love articles like this! They come out every couple years and declare that, "Whoa, maternity wear is pretty darned cute! Who knew?"

Well, I did. I spent from 1996 to 2008 pregnant and/or nursing, and the choices even at the end of the century were far improved from what predated them. And now -- let's just say I have to make a conscious choice to not fill my personal closet with hot maternity wear from our store, One Hot Mama!

But my fave fashionista gripe is that the profile is filled with $200+ dresses and $150+ separates, when the economy right now (and more generally, for everyone contemplating the temporary or permanent loss of income that pregnancy and children necessitates) suggests that more moderate budgets should get a look as well. Of course, every fashion mag does it, but I can't be the only person in America who balks at $165 for jeans. For my bump.

So, kudos to LA Times writer Emili Vesilind for reminding everyone of the quelle adorable togs out there for mamas to be! And here are my alternatives, all available right in Los Angeles' own Studio City or 24/7 online:

Maternity Dresses:

We have several, and more are on the way, including this Olian hit from last summer that clocks in at around $130. In black, natch!

As for Hip, Sleek Maternity Jeans, keep an eye out for well-priced versions coming throughout the summer, but my faves right now are these from Japanese Weekend, at $92 on our higher end.

As for maternity tops, one of my fave Tips For The Newly Pregnant is to get stuff that does double duty! Why buy maternity clothes and nursing clothes separately? Get more bang for your buck! A lot of our One Hot Mama tops work overtime and look good, like this nursing tank from Bravado. Wear it for nine months up, and nine months down while giving yourself support and coverage for your working girls (and you thought boobs were only for selling bras and cars!) Silly girl!

Last, but not least, a point about cheap clothes. I love a deal as much (or more) as the next girl, but I have to say, especially if you're pregnant with your first, you need to think long term. Your maternity clothes will work harder than any others in your wardrobe. Think about your jeans. If you're like the average woman, you own eight pairs of jeans. But for four or five months of your life this year, you'll own one or two. That you will wear and wash repeatedly. That's a lot of abuse. So while it's great that Target has maternity stuff, you have to think some of it as disposable in quality. Four kids down the road, you'll be glad you got the Japanese Weekend jeans!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Best Advice You Got While Pregnant

This article got me thinking about how many of us mothers of Big Kids have forgotten what it was like to be in the early blush of our first pregnancy. Forgetfullness leads us to ask asinine questions like, "Is she sleeping through the night?" or make useless comments like, "I don't remember ever feeling nauseous."

I really think that such tactlessness isn't a result of meanness; we really don't remember. After all, if all the indignities of first-time pregnancy, birth and motherhood were vividly emblazoned in your memory bank for ever, no-one would ever have a second child. And here I am, with four.

Thus, hardly any brain cells remain. My little sister is pregnant, and due around my birthday, in November. Some of my advice is timeless, like, "Don't read the What to Expect books if you're the slightest bit of a worrywart; they won't help!" But it's been a looooong time (5 years) since my last pregnancy. And though I had a full decade (!) of constant gestation/lactation/gestation, I feel like I should open up the floor to you more recent preggos.

What was the best advice you got for your pregnancy? The most helpful? The least? Tell Alexis what I've forgotten by posting a comment. And thanks!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Are We Your Favourite Online Maternity Boutique?

It's time for the Annual Readers Choice Awards -- brought to you by Pregnancy & Newborn magazine.

This time, voting for us is easier than ever. No membership needed, but you do have to use your name and email address so you can be entered in a drawing to win cool gear. The only quirk is that you have to vote in each category, and you may only care about voting for, say, best online maternity boutique! Need help in some categories? Ask an opinionated friend. Since I'm that person, here are a couple faves of mine. :)

There are about 2 dozen categories, and ours is the penultimate, by the way -- don't leave before you vote for One Hot Mama as best online maternity boutique!

Categories I have strong opinions about are:
• Jogging Stroller -- BOB!!! (not just because it's my hubby's name -- they rock!)
• Diaper Bag -- Kalencom (adorable and reasonably priced)
• Baby carrier – how could they not have written in Balboa Baby? You can fix that
• Baby Shoes -- I love Robeez
• Bottles – the one that helps, not hurts, nursing is Avent
• Breast Pump -- Avent is the best
• Fave Nursing Accessory – A tie between Glamourmom tanks and My Brest Friend pillow
• Maternity Fashion Brand – I have equal love for Ingrid & Isabel and Olian!
• Nursery Furniture – the Arm’s Reach co-sleeper rocks (well, not literally)
• Online Maternity Shop -- hint, hint, here’s where One Hot Mama comes in!

The polls are open until May 31st, but just like they used to say in a city I don’t want to disparage in print – vote early and often. We could both win something!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Win a $250 One Hot Mama Gift Certificate!

AND a wardrobe consultation with moi, your fave maternity style guru. Your bid goes to a great cause -- educating my kids! :) Well, not mine specifically, but it is for my children's school. The good news is that, since it's a K-12, there aren't too many preggo mamas floating around, so you should be able to score this prize at a decent discount. Bid here. You have until the end of the weekend, methinks, so get cracking!

You should be in the LA area to take advantage of the entire personal consultation thing, but I am happy to help over the phone as well.