Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are You Wearing Mom Jeans?

Found this article that I just had to share. Too funny. I guess every generation will have its mom jeans -- perhaps, in fifteen years, the low-rise, bootcut pants we swear by will peg you as a mom.

My girlfriend, Anita and I used to have a version of this we called "Wedding Face." If the last time you had your makeup done was your wedding and you really really liked it and you haven't changed it since, and your wedding was not in the past three years, this could be you. (A corollary is Prom Face.)

Why is this bad? Because times change, and if you are still lining your lips in brown eyebrow pencil and drawing on uber brows, your Wedding Face is about fifteen years old. I was talking with another actress/mommy about this the other day -- without my periodic work as an actor, I would still have Wedding Face, but luckily, I get to see current makeup trends in the makeup chair. What to do if you're not around current fashion and its practitioners? Head to the mall. Someone will play with your face for free. You don't have to buy everything they show you. I had a period when I hadn't worked for a while, and looking at a magazine, I could tell that faces were starting to look really different. So my sister in law, two friends and I found a makeup artist to give us a lesson. Fun and educational! Yeah, I'm shallow.

The Mom Jeans solution? Same mall, but take along a stroller that will fit in a dressing room and try on things that look really new and out there to you. Remember, your body's changed, so you might be surprised at the shapes that flatter you now.

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