Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Slings Again

Here's a guide to wearing your baby in a sling the right way:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CPSC Warning on Baby Slings

After a millenia or so of babywearing, 7 deaths have prompted the Consumer Products Safety Commission to issue a report warning about the use of baby slings and wraps. I gotta say, while every single baby's life is precious and should be mourned, I am not sure that freaking people out about using them is really helpful. (Remember that strollers have their own documented dangers.)

Better that we should help people learn the right way to use them. To that end, NBC4 in Los Angeles interviewed One Hot Mama this afternoon and we hope you'll all tune in to see Roxanne's thoughts about babywearing. Of course, I spoke for an hour and the segment will be all of 2 minutes, but that's showbiz! For more info on baby slings and how awesome they are, read this!

For more instructions about Balboa Baby Slings, which we carry, see here.
For answers to all the sling questions you could ever have, try here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bravado Bras And Tanks And Being An Old Mother

A huge shipment of Bravado nursing bras and Essential Nursing Tanks arrived at One Hot Mama last night ... they'll be available for order in a few hours. Why not right away? Because our first baby, a little 6 pound, 9 ounce titch of a thing who looked for all the world like a plucked chicken when he was born, played for his school in the finals of the 6th grade basketball championship last night -- and won! He had the game of his young life, and it's hard to describe the thrill of seeing the baby I wore in a sling for three straight years (more solid black and brown Balboa Baby slings are on the way as well; right now we have lots of colours) run back and forth for an hour.

Sometimes it seems unreal that babies turn into people. But they do. Enjoy every minute that they smell so fresh and delicious -- because, after a hard game, not so much! :)

Anyway, the entire beginning of 2010 has been filled with games and lots of other family hijinks. Visit my still-relevant pregnancy and nursing posts from before the season began and I promise to catch up soon.