Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love The One You're With, Baby

I just had to write this quick thought after a visit from R., my new neighbor at the One Hot Mama store. She's adorable, short (like me) and a tad busty (unlike me, post-kids). She came in to talk about clothes and try stuff on and was bemoaning her lovely tatas.

Here's my revelation -- love the body you have RIGHT NOW, instead of thinking how great you'd look as Gwyeth Paltrow or Delta Burke. Guess what they do? They DRESS the bodies they have, instead of the ones they wish they had. And when they stray, like that unfortunate baby pink Ralph Lauren Oscar dress that Miss G. sported and looked for all the world like a boobless wonder? We attack.

So if you never had boobies and now you do, or vice versa, stop bitching and find out what looks good on them or show off your shoulders asap. To do this right, go right now to the library or to your local bookstore or to Amazon and get What Not To Wear -- by the English goddesses, Trinny and Susannah (and don't watch or read anything their American counterparts say).

Take stock of what you have and work with it -- you'll be amazed and happy.

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