Saturday, January 17, 2009

Breastfeeding Twins Q & A

Dear OHM:

I just recently saw your episode on Bringing home baby and I noticed your wife [that's me!] had a very large nursing pillow, it was gray [actually chambray blue]. I was wondering if your company sold that pillow or if you have something like it. I am pregnant with twins and will be induced on Monday because I will be 39 weeks and I plan to breastfeed so that pillow looks to be a great help!

Please let me know,


Dear S:

Good luck to you!! My doctor wanted to induce on the Monday I was turning 39 weeks as well. I went home and meditated and told the babies that they needed to be ready to be born now, and that they should be both head down, back to belly and easy out! I did all the fun things that stimulate contractions, and on Monday at my doctor’s appointment, he said I was at 4 and could head to the hospital!

The pillow I used can be found here -- We don’t carry it, but I loved it (although not in the goofy print.) Be sure to ask the lactation consultant at your hospital to hang around to help you with two babies. One of mine had a poor latch, but one of the good things about twins is that the other one stimulated let down for her. I also fed on cue, but would pick up a sleeping baby to nurse if the other one was eating. No sense in feeling like you have one baby that’s awake 24 hours a day! That pillow was a godsend.

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