Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Best Pants in the World -- Pregnant or Not

How do I explain to my husband that I've fallen in love? With not one, but two pairs of pants. Worse yet, they're technically maternity pants, and, after four kiddies, he doesn't want to see me knocked up ever again.
But these pants are The Best. First, my old love -- The Perfect Pre and Post Partum Pant. They're so fab, my mother bought two pairs! I wear them still, after a twin pregnancy over 3 1/2 years ago, and they look awesome. The picture on the left is missing something -- a fabric swatch so you can feel the yummy microfleece. It's cozy and good-looking, which, if you think about it, is what you want your mama to be. They definitely are not unitaskers -- you know, what Alton Brown calls kitchen tools that are made for a singular purpose. These babies can go to yoga and a fancy dinner with only a change of top. Really.

Now, I have a rival for those affections. The Everywear Pant is what I call the Skant -- a skirt/pant combination. Trust me, they were the next big thing in the 90s at some point, but never really took off. But I loved them, and kept looking in store windows and showrooms, hoping that someday, we'd be reunited. That day is here. Sure, they were made by a maternity designer, and the chickie on the right is all cute and preggers, but just wait until you see how great these fit your non-pregnant body! I am, right now, using this precious moment of "free" time at home to do the laundry so I can wear them again this week!
That is love.

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