Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bringing Home Baby -- Mack Truck Twins

Oh, this is fun. The episode of TLC's Bringing Home Baby that I thought would be fun in a late-pregnancy-induced fit of madness is airing again Tuesday, January 6th. Actually, I am SO glad we did it -- I was right about one thing. The twins' baby books have never gotten filled out, and Lord only knows where all the pictures are. If you're visiting us because you're seeing the show for the first time, welcome! And if you're in LA, come say hello at our fab new store, at 12265 Ventura Boulevard on the second floor.



Anonymous said...

I am watching your show right now! Congrats on the twins! Now I must check out your clothing line.

Erica Lord said...

Love the website! I was just watching your show! You have a beautiful family! I was curious if you continued to use cloth diapers. I am due in May and am wanting to try the cloth diaper route. I was just wondering your experience with them.


Kellie N said...

I just watched the episode on TLC. Did not know of your website until then. Congrats on ur twins (guess they are 3 now?) I am 4 months prego and look forward - I think- when I can order some of your great products. Good luck to all of you!

Kylie said...

Hi! I just found you blog after googling your company name after watching you on TLC today. Hope that isn't creepy. I just read a lot of your blog and I love it! I'm looking around at a lot of your clothing, too. I have (and nursed!) two children and this makes me ready for a third! My best friend also just found out that she is expecting twins so I am looking around at beautiful things to buy her as well. :) Thank you for sharing your life!

Roxanne Beckford Hoge said...

Oh, thanks so much to everyone for their sweet comments -- and Kylie, if I was creeped out by people looking me up, I wouldn't have become an actor, started a blog OR agreed to be on tv! :) Yeah, our site and new store are pretty yummy -- and even watching Bringing Home Baby or Baby Story gets me all misty-eyed, so my hubby better watch out!

As for cloth diapers, Erica, we stopped using them now that our girls make adult-sized poops (am really looking forward to potty training, but I refuse to do it in the winter -- such as it is in SoCal -- I need them running around outside in their big girl pants before I undertake that!) Here's why I love cloth -- besides the feel and the knowing that pee is coming out (crucial when you are nursing two babies and aren't sure if both have been fed), using a delivery service made those early months easy in the Must Go Shopping department. I think disposable diapers are like cigarettes (no, I'm not a smoker) -- you don't buy the entire carton, just one pack at a time. When they're toddlers, you're sure they're going to use the potty at any moment, and when they're infants, they grow and change sizes over night! So I'm always facing a panic when I look in the closet and see the one remaining diaper. With a delivery service, like Dy-Dee Diaper, it's brain-free baby supplies. And if you're nursing, their milk is always with you, so you're pretty much done!

I'm all about the lazy woman's guide to parenting!

Jen said...

I just saw your episode yesterday! I am so unbelievably amazed at you and your husband's ability to run your household! I just had my baby boy Owen on December 12th, and being able to see you breastfeed two babies was inspiration! I am still breastfeeding my little boy and everything is going well. But as you know it is completely tiring and taxing. I just wanted to say you are an inspiration, and I am looking forward to reading your blog now:-) Also I love your website and the products. Thank you for being an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I came out from TX to visit my bff and left the day before the store's grand opening. She lives in M Beach - I came for the fireworks. I'm so sad I was a day too early, but I will definitely stop in the next time I'm in town! I had my last baby around the time you had the twins - I can't believe 3 years has gone by.
"Foxy" from the boards

Roxanne Beckford Hoge said...

Today is May 19th and Bringing Home Baby is airing again...welcome to One Hot Mama if you haven't visited before. Update on the now FOUR-year-old twins -- they are finally potty trained! :)