Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick Thoughts

1. I am so grateful to have my amazing husband as my partner in life and business.

2. Today, One Hot Mama signed a lease and will officially open a real store in Studio City, California within the next two weeks (now you know why thought number 1 occurred to me!)

3. We're all real women. I just read a cool article about another female entrepreneur with a clothing line, a website and a store, and I went to her site so I could send her my regards, and was met by a banner saying something to the effect of, "clothing for real women" --in sizes 14 to 26. Now, I get that she's meeting a need, but do you need to slam other chicks to do it? Do we say, One Hot Mama, clothes for real women who've used their uteruses? Ugh. No. You can serve your community without claiming it's the only real way to be.

4. Cool sales around LA this weekend, including my friend Suzie's amazing sample sale of Burgundy Blue kids' clothing. A bit of a trek to downtown, but cool and should be worth it.

Sunday December 7th
noon until 6:00pm
Burgundy Blue: SAMPLE SALE*funky fashions for babies and toddlers
1250 Long Beach Ave STUDIO 309
LA,CA 90021
**conveniently located one block from the 10 Freeway, at Alameda
also near the 5, 110, and 101 Freeways

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