Monday, September 29, 2008

Pregnancy Shopping Lists

You know how every single baby magazine and website seems to have a "complete list" of everything you "need" to buy with a new baby? They're kinda helpful, but a lot of those things are definitely optional -- a $900 stroller? Really? How about a $60 sling, instead?

Well, we have a list or two here at One Hot Mama, but they're decidedly optional. All you need for your new baby are breasts (even just one will work fine) or an alternate milk supply, a car seat, diapers and some magical way to get more sleep. Okay, maybe earplugs.

But what about me? You wail. My body is being taken over by an alien. I hear that milk is going to come out of my previously perky breasts! And not just when bidden to do so! And every body part is going to stretch and gain weight and lose weight and still be stretchy. Never fear, Roxanne and One Hot Mama are here! Check out our various shopping lists for the newly pregnant, the about to burst, and the long-time nursers. See, even though we have a store and are ostensibly running a business to make a profit, I can't do that by guilting or shaming you into spending money. I love smart shopping, so use these lists as a starting point and go from there. We'll help you adapt your regular wardrobe for pregnancy and nursing, and winnow down the ridiculous number of choices of hot maternitywear down to the coolest and best.

And, in this economy, you'll appreciate that we're doing that in a very affordable way. (Although I also hate when magazines label some pair of $150 shoes affordable. I try to keep every One Hot Mama piece under $100 -- I break that rule only for truly cool stuff!)


Megan said...

Wish I would have found you when I was pregnant!

:) Have a great week!

Roxanne Beckford Hoge said...

Thanks for your note! And you never know, you could be like me and get pregnant again and again. ;)