Friday, September 19, 2008

Slings and Things

Ever since the first time I saw a woman put on her Baby Bjorn, I swore I would never use one. I was pregnant at the time, and I watched, fascinated, as she got out of her car and began buckling and strapping and adjusting while her baby fussed. Finally, she got him in there, and all I could think of was a marionnette! All that was missing was a string to pull his little legs even further apart.

Pretty soon after that, I found Dr. William Sears' Baby Book, and that helped form me as a mother. I went hunting for a sling, and ended up with the only one you could buy in a store back then, which was, I think, called the NoJo baby carrier -- it had some goofy script print and was meagerly padded, but I wore it into the ground. From there, I discovered the Over The Shoulder Baby Holder and for a long time, it was the only carrier that we carried at OHM.

Then I met the great gals who designed the Ultimate Baby Wrap, and I loved how it acted like a Bjorn but was as comfy as a sling, so now we sell that as well. Then, at a pregnancy trade show (yeah, there is such a thing. How my life has changed!), I met the creator of the sleek, hip Hotslings line, and she told me that One Hot Mama had actually had inspired her to start her business. How could I resist? :)

And now, life has come full circle. Dr. Sears (and his large family) actually designed a new sling that has the feature I used to dream about -- a pocket!!! The Balboa Baby Sling also comes in dreamy, non-goofy colours. Awesome.

It's so great to see these carriers out and about these days. I mean, you can nurse in private and shop at the same time; if you're at home, you can shovel in some food without leaving your crying infant on the floor; your hands are free for your other child (or, in my case, other children); and, best of all, if you have twins (I did!) you can wear two slings bandolier style and carry both babies hands free! I never was one for a stroller with a singleton -- except to schlepp my gear. (I was always afraid I would miss the signs of choking or something.)

Let me know what you think. What's your fave way to wear your baby? Have you dropped him/her yet? (Hint: Always be sure there's fabric between your body and baby's when using a sling! Learned that one the hard way.)

Have a great day!

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