Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Hot Mama's Mission

As I've mentioned, my handsome husband Bob and I are in the midst of revamping One Hot Mama, which took a back burner to having four kids in eight years (hey, cut a girl a little slack!) and I found the coolest thing yesterday. We wrote this ten years ago, and, I'm happy to say, it's still true today:

One Hot Mama is in the business of making women feel great about parenting during its most self-image-challenging times -- pregnancy, early motherhood, and lactation. The changes to their bodies during these times means that our customers are eager to look and feel good. One Hot Mama believes the two go hand-in-hand, and thus aims to carry, design and sell the best selection of clothes that make breaskfeeding simple and discreet while helping mom look great, and that make maternity style an attainable goal for women who can't -- or won't -- spend $350 on a dress they'll wear for four months.

Most women are aware that "breast is best" but the real world often intervenes. Not many American women want to expose themselves in front of the in-laws, much less at the mall or at work. Often options are limited to awkward canopies or scarves, and some downright ugly clothes. At One Hot Mama, they not only get the tools they need to be mobile again, they get support and advice and humour. We serve our customers' needs not only for material goods, but for reassurance in their parenting and attractiveness. In doing so, we aim to be a profitable company, both in dollars and in helping babies get the best food on earth.

I hope you think we're doing our job well. Please comment or write us to let us know what you think, and where we could improve. Now, help keep my four kids awash in groceries (man, you don't appreciate the savings of nursing until they're weaned!) -- by shopping!

Have a great day!

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