Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Cool For School

I am so excited about two of our newest offerings that they are already in my closet! And remember, my youngest children are three years old, and I am not having any more! What is so fab that it has induced such glee?

First, the Belly Bandit, a way to tighten and shrink your tummy post pregnancy. Yes, even three years later! (Okay, let me apologize for the excessive italics -- I'm just so psyched!) Like a corset, but way easier to get on. See the cartoon on the left for how to do it. I swear, this thing is magic -- or at least, feels like it. And it's under 40 bucks. Cool.

The other item that is making me happy these days is really two items -- cover ups to wear over those very useful, but sometimes kinda boring, nursing bra tanks and spaghetti strap maternity camis. These two wraps, the Tattoo You (pictured on the right) and the Funkytown, are fun, hip, and keep your arms covered now that it's a bit chilly. Or now that your arms aren't so buff. Either one. :)
Have a great day, and remember, you are One Hot Mama. Spread the word!

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