Monday, November 17, 2008

Motrin and Babywearing -- I Need an Advil!

Wow. Talk about misreading the market. Have you seen the latest (now pulled) Motrin ad that is pretty snarky about wearing one's baby? I know some people got deeply offended, but I just have to laugh at how stupid the copywriters (and the Motrin folks responsible for saying yes and writing the cheque) are.

  • First, they couldn't be more snippy about babywearing being fashionable. Yeah, those indigenous peoples who did it hundreds of years ago were all about The Next Big Thing.
  • Second, even if it is fashionable, the point is to actually bond better, make breastfeeding easier, and to to have your child be integrated into your life, rather than hauling them around in a plastic bucket (aka infant car seat).
  • Lastly, it's not supposed to hurt! Pain is an indication that you're doing it wrong. This applies to other areas as well (ahem).
Now, the ad was pretty funny, but it had oodles of misinformation. Using slings was such a blessing so that I could eat a freakin' sandwhich while taking care of a newborn. Even wore the twins at the same time, which is, in a weird way, easier because of the counter-balanced weight. I know that a simple adjustment by someone who knew what they were doing (pulled the ring back so it sat just in front of my shoulder bone) changed the experience of using a sling completely!

But my point (originally, anyway) is that you shouldn't let self-righteous people who think their parenting method (breastfeeding, Ferberizing, babywearing, spanking on demand, whatever) entitles them to be snotty dissuade you from trying out said method. Okay, except for the spanking on demand one. I made that up. Based on what my parents did (kidding mom!). I get that the ad made fun of the "I'm a better mother than you are" crowd, but you know what? A lot of what we imagine as other mothers looking down their noses at us is just our own personal insecurity. They are probably pretty well occupied with snot running down someone's nose, strange rashes on backsides and the constant surfeit of sleep.

So let's cut everyone a little slack, girls.

Happy birthday to me, today! :)

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