Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Love to Shop For Maternity Clothes

How sad is that? My youngest kids are three years old, for heaven's sake. But the truth is, I just love clothes. Not in a too-much-stuff-hidden-in-the-closet-with-tags-still-on way, more like a isn't-it-marvelous-how-many-ways-there-are-to-make-a-shirt? way. Since we can only wear so many clothes at a time (we actually wear around 10% of the clothes we own) I get my jollies by shopping for maternity clothes that we're going to carry at One Hot Mama. And, since I feel my mission is to make all mothers feel and look good, I try to find clothes that aren't really maternity clothes, but will look good on you, pregnant or not. That way, there are always a couple pieces that make their way into my closet. :)

If you follow the link above, you'll get great tips for cleaning out your closet, which is something we especially need to do when we (a) get pregnant (b) have had a baby (c) have stopped having babies -- in other words, all the times our bodies change. I used to look fabulous in deep vee neckline tops -- that is, I did when I still had boobs. Now, after four kids, not so much. It pains me to toss (recycle) them, but I must face facts and switch to high-necked, low-backed tops that show off my sexy, curvy ... shoulders. Just because something is pretty, doesn't mean it's pretty on you. Proof? Michelle Obama's victory rally black-and-red Narciso Rodriguez abomination of a dress -- 77% of respondents in one poll said ditch it! Now that's what I call bipartisan support!

Where was I? Oh, yes. Shopping! My poor husband Bob will be up all night tonight and the next two days, publishing all the cute stuff i got to our website, but I'll give you the head's up now -- fabulous wrap tee-shirt cardigans that you can wear open or tied, lots of comfy nursing pyjamas, pretty dual-purpose maternity and nursing tops, some basic and beautiful maternity tees (without the goofy sayings -- I mean, I know those make funny shower gifts, but since you feel as large as a billboard, do you really want to dress like one?), hot yoga pants and the greatest maternity foundation garments (am I dating myself?) ever. So keep visiting us at One Hot Mama for some great shopping for hot mamas.

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