Sunday, May 30, 2010

The birth of fashionable maternity wear

The birth of fashionable maternity wear -

I love articles like this! They come out every couple years and declare that, "Whoa, maternity wear is pretty darned cute! Who knew?"

Well, I did. I spent from 1996 to 2008 pregnant and/or nursing, and the choices even at the end of the century were far improved from what predated them. And now -- let's just say I have to make a conscious choice to not fill my personal closet with hot maternity wear from our store, One Hot Mama!

But my fave fashionista gripe is that the profile is filled with $200+ dresses and $150+ separates, when the economy right now (and more generally, for everyone contemplating the temporary or permanent loss of income that pregnancy and children necessitates) suggests that more moderate budgets should get a look as well. Of course, every fashion mag does it, but I can't be the only person in America who balks at $165 for jeans. For my bump.

So, kudos to LA Times writer Emili Vesilind for reminding everyone of the quelle adorable togs out there for mamas to be! And here are my alternatives, all available right in Los Angeles' own Studio City or 24/7 online:

Maternity Dresses:

We have several, and more are on the way, including this Olian hit from last summer that clocks in at around $130. In black, natch!

As for Hip, Sleek Maternity Jeans, keep an eye out for well-priced versions coming throughout the summer, but my faves right now are these from Japanese Weekend, at $92 on our higher end.

As for maternity tops, one of my fave Tips For The Newly Pregnant is to get stuff that does double duty! Why buy maternity clothes and nursing clothes separately? Get more bang for your buck! A lot of our One Hot Mama tops work overtime and look good, like this nursing tank from Bravado. Wear it for nine months up, and nine months down while giving yourself support and coverage for your working girls (and you thought boobs were only for selling bras and cars!) Silly girl!

Last, but not least, a point about cheap clothes. I love a deal as much (or more) as the next girl, but I have to say, especially if you're pregnant with your first, you need to think long term. Your maternity clothes will work harder than any others in your wardrobe. Think about your jeans. If you're like the average woman, you own eight pairs of jeans. But for four or five months of your life this year, you'll own one or two. That you will wear and wash repeatedly. That's a lot of abuse. So while it's great that Target has maternity stuff, you have to think some of it as disposable in quality. Four kids down the road, you'll be glad you got the Japanese Weekend jeans!


Maternity Wear said...

My maternity clothes were in the attic for only a few months. And when I got them down, I was excited to go through them and pick out my favorites.

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