Friday, May 21, 2010

Are We Your Favourite Online Maternity Boutique?

It's time for the Annual Readers Choice Awards -- brought to you by Pregnancy & Newborn magazine.

This time, voting for us is easier than ever. No membership needed, but you do have to use your name and email address so you can be entered in a drawing to win cool gear. The only quirk is that you have to vote in each category, and you may only care about voting for, say, best online maternity boutique! Need help in some categories? Ask an opinionated friend. Since I'm that person, here are a couple faves of mine. :)

There are about 2 dozen categories, and ours is the penultimate, by the way -- don't leave before you vote for One Hot Mama as best online maternity boutique!

Categories I have strong opinions about are:
• Jogging Stroller -- BOB!!! (not just because it's my hubby's name -- they rock!)
• Diaper Bag -- Kalencom (adorable and reasonably priced)
• Baby carrier – how could they not have written in Balboa Baby? You can fix that
• Baby Shoes -- I love Robeez
• Bottles – the one that helps, not hurts, nursing is Avent
• Breast Pump -- Avent is the best
• Fave Nursing Accessory – A tie between Glamourmom tanks and My Brest Friend pillow
• Maternity Fashion Brand – I have equal love for Ingrid & Isabel and Olian!
• Nursery Furniture – the Arm’s Reach co-sleeper rocks (well, not literally)
• Online Maternity Shop -- hint, hint, here’s where One Hot Mama comes in!

The polls are open until May 31st, but just like they used to say in a city I don’t want to disparage in print – vote early and often. We could both win something!

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