Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CPSC Warning on Baby Slings

After a millenia or so of babywearing, 7 deaths have prompted the Consumer Products Safety Commission to issue a report warning about the use of baby slings and wraps. I gotta say, while every single baby's life is precious and should be mourned, I am not sure that freaking people out about using them is really helpful. (Remember that strollers have their own documented dangers.)

Better that we should help people learn the right way to use them. To that end, NBC4 in Los Angeles interviewed One Hot Mama this afternoon and we hope you'll all tune in to see Roxanne's thoughts about babywearing. Of course, I spoke for an hour and the segment will be all of 2 minutes, but that's showbiz! For more info on baby slings and how awesome they are, read this!

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Whozat said...

The bag slings (Infantino Sling Rider) definitely seem to have some problems. I certainly hope the warning specifies those and explicitly says that other types of carriers are safe!

Baby Slings said...

My kids loved the sling and would promptly settle down if fussy when they were placed in it and more often than not fell quickly to sleep leaving me hands free to tend to our other kids or get a few things done (again, perhaps new moms shouldn’t be focused on chores but someone had to make dinner in my house).

Hobo Mama said...

I read the article where you were quoted. Good job being reasonable and trying to get a rational word in! It's hard when what you say is edited so heavily, but that's how it is, right?

I really hope good quality carriers are offered as a substitute to the shoddy ones, not "oh, just use a stroller then." We'll see...