Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Horrible Fashion Advice For New Moms

So I'm browsing the web this morning, and I see a cute article about how to do pregnancy chic -- cool, I'm all for helping women feel and look good. The author, Milly Smith, of course has a line of clothing, which is totally cute if you can spare over $300 for a dress. But here's the advice that had be seeing red:
DON’T OVERSHOP It’s important to be comfortable, and when I get home I
change into track pants and a T-shirt. After the birth you’ll be so sick of
wearing your maternity wardrobe that you’ll want to burn it.

Okay, maybe I'm not seething, but I do get annoyed that we are finally encouraged to be all maternal goddess-like when pregnant, but the minute you have the baby, shut up and stay home in sweats or pjs! We started One Hot Mama in no small part because of how invisible a new mom can feel, and dressing like the Invisible Woman is a sure way to be treated and feel like one.

Your maternity clothes are your friends in those first few months -- I wore my white maternity jeans for a full five months after my second baby was born, and they saved my life.
  1. I had something to wear
  2. I never forgot that I was donning temporary clothing
  3. We (and others) have so many cute outfits that work while you're pregnant AND while you're nursing that you'll get your money's worth. Think about your non-preggo wardrobe -- don't you break out the same ten items over and over again?
Yes, take time to get to know your newborn and have a babymoon and nap when baby naps and all that, but at some point, you'll want to leave the house. When that happens, it's not a crime to not want to look like a mother! Just because you are one, doesn't mean you have to dress like yours! :)


Hobo Mama said...

I love your last sentence! That cracked me up.

I was loath to part with my maternity wardrobe, because I really liked it. I totally do that thing where I wear the same pieces over and over anyway, so if the maternity pieces are still working for you postpartum, why not? I did feel very proud when I redonned my first pair of non-stretchy-waist pants, though! :)

Kimberly said...

I love most of my maternity tops. If more of thm had some sort of nursing opening, I would be wearing them more! You know my favorite? Old Navy, of all places, has a great maternity/nursing cami that is nice and long, comes in plus sizes and is cheap. I wear one every day!