Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Go, Girl!

I know, that phrase is so RuPaul, but I just ran over to California Pizza Kitchen for a glass of water (we eat there all the time; our store is right next door) and there was a mama holding her around-six-month-old baby at a table. Totally unremarkable. I've done it many times. What I haven't done, however, was to go out for lunch with a friend and a baby with a fabulously large necklace and sequined sandals. When I say large, I mean the thing had crystals that belonged on a chandelier. She was a big girl, so she could totally pull it off. But what stopped me in my tracks was that I, the proponent of the Hot Mama creed, had always sworn off necklaces whenever grabby hands were near. That meant an almost decade-long costume jewelry drought.

Whoever you are, mama, way to go! :)

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Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

I decided early on not to swear off large, tempting jewelry around grabby hands but just to make sure I wouldn't cry if any of it was broken. Target has some great (fabulous but cheap) finds in that department! I have had to teach "gentle, gentle" when it comes to yanking on dangle earrings, though! :)