Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Baby's Birthdays Are Big For Mamas

Today is my first baby's birthday. I remember the very moment he was born, after a "if you don't push him out right now, we have to have a section you!" command (talk about motivation!). All purple and not breathing for what seemed like minutes (probably only seconds, but long enough for Bob and I to be scared and not breathe ourselves). And tiny, and goopy. But so tiny and really easy to see the still-present existence of a miracle. What a gift.

Now my baby is still surprising me, with his amazing devotion to basketball. His lightning speed and ability to help other kids find their game. His ability to strip a computer game or new piece of electronics and make it work for him, instead of always cursing technology like his old mum. My baby is still sweet, and he is twelve today. He's a good person.

You may just be pregnant, or your baby might be toddling, but try to remember this one thing -- what's important isn't the clothes you wear or the fabulous stroller you sport, but the end result. What kind of person are you trying to give to the world? Dennis Prager had an interesting challenge the other day; he said, ask your child whether they think you want them to most be -- happy or good or successful. The answer, of course, should be good. (ie, Bernie Madoff's parents would not be so proud about his ill-gotten gains. And he was certainly happy in that swank apartment. Good? Not so much.)

Imagine what result you'd like, and work backwards from there. Parent for your result.

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