Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gratitude in Another Latitude

So we participated in the one-year blogiversary of the Blacktating Blog, and the winner of a shiny, new One Hot Mama gift certificate was a mama blogger who lives in Korea! I love how the internet makes the world even smaller!

Something she said in her nice post about winning was so true about moms in general that it bears repeating:
I decided to treat myself and buy whatever I liked instead of trying to buy the
most practical thing.

How many times do we mamas, when presented with a Mothers Day gift card or some unexpected cash, use it for diapers? Okay, I know that times are certainly squishy, economically, and who knows what the future holds, but if you are nursing your baby, you are contributing to the bottom line (insert your own baby poop joke here). But I do remember feeling stricken by guilt if I wanted to get a magazine in the checkout line (house porn is my thing!) because I was no longer working -- but I had to be reminded by my dear hubby that I was working, just no longer getting a paycheque!

The next time you get a little bonus, use it for a mama treat -- from a $5 magazine to a new car. Okay, that would have to be a heck of a bonus. If you get that one that big, use some of it One Hot Mama -- we have tons of new stuff! :)


Mama Seoul said...

I can't wait until it gets here!

Have you heard of Womama and Hot Milk nursing bras? Both are New Zealand companies. I think they are in the US in a few boutiques, but they weren't online anywhere in the US when I tried to order them. I ordered from the Australian site:

Anyway, I thought these fit with your mission. So far, I like Womama better for the early months of nursing, but think Hot Milk will be better later on. Hot Milk is fancier/sexier. Womama is funkier and cups are lined with organic cotton.

Zodee says that Womama is generously sized and I found that to be true.

Anyway, both lines are pretty, supportive and do not have underwire.

Roxanne Beckford Hoge said...

Gosh, felt like I answered you, but it was apparently in my head. Let me say it out loud -- we met with the Hot Milk rep and LOVED the line. Can't wait to add it! Thanks for the tips! Hope you enjoyed your goodies!