Friday, March 20, 2009

We Work Hard So You Don't Have To

I'm off to the Fall Markets (but it's not even really Spring, yet!) AND the Mom2B tradeshow right now to scour the trends for hot stuff for all you hot nursing and pregnant (and about-to-be-pregnant) mamas.

This is the best, and the most dangerous, part of my job. Best because technology and design and creativity are in full bloom in the world of mama fashion, and it's always like Christmas shopping to choose what will make you look and feel your best. Why dangerous? Because it makes pregnancy look SO GOOD!

Now, having given birth to four children in the past ten years, and having nursed them for what seemed like that entire decade, you'd think that having a big belly and a new baby (not necessarily in that order) would be the last thing I'd find attractive. Nope. Toddlers scare me (and, because God wants you to face your fears, that's apparently why I have two of them at this very moment.) But the full bloom of pregnancy in a fab maternity wardrobe does have its appeal.

The fall tradeshow was where I met the fabulous Caden sisters, inventors of The Belly Bandit, and got to visit with the girls from Ingrid & Isabel, and reunite with the maker of Hotslings, who was partly inspired to start her business by little 'ol me. Pretty cool stuff. Because a lot of the companies are mama-and-papa driven. I couldn't do this without Bob, and it's great that there are lots of other cool papas out there doing the same thing.

I'll report back next week with news of clothes I hopefully won't need! :)

Have a great weekend!

(PS -- If you're a new mom reading this and berating yourself for not having invented something or started a company between nursing sessions -- stop. Back away from the self-flaggelation. You can't do everything all at once.)

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