Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Worst Advice From A Doctor to A Pregnant Woman, Evah!

A really sweet mama-to-be came into the store this week. It was hotter than heck outside, so she was in shorts and a tee, and didn't look at all pregnant. Turns out she was just about five months along with her first baby, and she was in One Hot Mama because her doctor had said,

"If you don't wear maternity clothes, it will be bad for the baby."

Now, my four kids and husband and I would love people to feel compelled to shop at One Hot Mama, but what the hell? Has this doctor not heard of amniotic fluid? Or high schoolers who give birth to healthy babies in the restroom at the prom? I mean, it was bad enough when someone told me last week that a saleswoman at a nationally-known, very pricey maternity store had exlaimed,

"If you don't wear maternity clothes, you'll get stretch marks!"

while trying to get her to buy a pair of $200 jeans, but what was this medical doctor thinking?

The point of this rant is to remind you mamas to be that not everything your doctor says is gospel. Sometimes it's obviously stupid, like the quote above, but something like, "you'll need a Caesarean because you're so tiny" is less obviously complete, non-medically based idiocy.

Read. Educate yourself. Read some more. Go to a certified, well-respected prenatal yoga class. Talk to midwives and doulas. And always remember the best follow-up question -- "why?"

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